WordPress Maintenance


Keep hackers away from your site by staying on top of the updates for your website. I suggest you back up your site every 3 or 6 months or if you would like us to do it, we are happy to help. For one low cost, we will update plugins, themes, and clear out any unnecessary data.


Important Notes:
– This doesn’t include any design services.
– Must be a Wordpress Website.
– Theme will be updated only if I originally designed the website

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WordPress maintenance is extremely important.
From a security perspective, a poorly maintained site can even become a liability. Unwanted content such as comment spam can cause you a world of hurt, consuming valuable resources and impact on your search engine rankings. Security flaws can enable attackers to use your site to commit fraud, spread malware and launch further attacks.

It is imperative that you (or The Creative Vue) maintain the site to keep it in good standing and out of the hands of potential hackers.
I can back up your site every 3 or 6 months if you would like for $50, instead of my current hourly rate. This would include updating plugins, themes, and clearing out any unnecessary data.

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